Technical Repair Team

The Technical Repair Team is a dedicated group liaising with contractors and homeowners requiring subfloor repair work.   

The team was established in late December 2016 with a focus on organising repair work where it is required for properties which were included in the formal review of foundation repair work in the Canterbury Home Repair Programme.

There is a mix of staff including engineers, supervisors and project coordinators. Contractors are engaged on behalf of the Earthquake Commission and are paid an amount to project manage each individual repair.  

Where remedial or additional foundation repair work is needed then the Technical Repair Team and the contractor will work with homeowners to also deal with any other outstanding remedial issues at the property.  Our job is to ensure each solution is appropriate; following sound processes and engineering judgement and complies with the Building Code to the extent required by the law.    

Customer FAQ  

Can I have a copy of any reports or recommendations about the work?

Yes you can have any reports provided relating to the review or planned repair strategies. It is important you fully understand what is planned before any works starts. You can request information about your repair by email to or by calling EQC on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243)

I want to put my house on the market – how can I do this if more repair work is needed?

The Technical Repair team can provide you with information and a letter about the review and outcome for use with prospective purchasers. Any new owner should call EQC to ensure they are registered in the database for the claim once the purchase is confirmed.

There is information on EQC’s website about the process of transferring a property claim at the following link:

I’m planning other renovations at my home and I’m interested in a cash settlement. Is this possible?

Yes this could be possible but would need to be decided on a case by case basis. If that is your preference then the sooner we know that for sure we can assist. We could probably have a concept plan drawn up for any work required to provide an idea of an appropriate settlement.

The review has found more work is needed but I’m not satisfied with the strategies which you are proposing, who do I talk to?

Let us know what aspects of the Scope of Works you are not satisfied with in case the engineering team can reassure you about the work that is planned. If not then it would be best for you to raise this with EQC who determine your entitlements under the EQC Act. They have a good customer team based in Christchurch and can work with you on any complex issues around scope or entitlement.

Why are my foundations not being replaced with new ones?

Even damaged foundations can be repaired. The intention of the repair is to restore what was already there and ensure the strength and durability requirements of the Building Code are met. Keeping in mind that Canterbury homes have been through some significant earthquakes and in most cases, the foundations have withstood these loads exceptionally well. Where foundations have performed very poorly, are significantly damaged or on the advice of specialist geotechnical engineers, a new foundation system may be required.

Who decides if my repairs are to be exempted from Building Consent?

Section 41 of the Building Act 2004 recognises and allows certain repair and maintenance work on buildings to be exempted from the requirement for a Building Consent. A description of this work is contained in Schedule 1 of the Act - Exempt building work. Interpreting this part of the Act is complex and requires specialist understanding. Irrespective of whether the repair or reinstatement is Consented or Exempt, the building repair work must comply with the New Zealand Building Code (refer to section 17 and 112 of the Act).

Will there be a record of the repair work on my home?

Yes. All steps in the repair programme are recorded and include such information as the damage assessment, repair methodology, the building consent and code compliance certificate (if this is required) or the record of the exempted work if it is not consented, the record of the contractor(s) employed and the work performed, names of the Licenced Building Practitioners employed (where this applies), all drawings and other documents relating to the repair and other such information.