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Personal Threat

You may come into contact with people or groups who choose to make verbal or physical threats to you or your work team.  These may include threats of violence, actual violence, verbal abuse, self-harm or reprisal which could result in serious harm or fatality.

Follow the Rules to Live By:

  • Don’t put yourself or others in Harm’s Way
  • Keep Cool
  • Get Out Quickly

Think it through:

  • Before going to a property:
    • Let someone know where you are and when you are expected back
    • Always carry a charged cell phone on you so you can phone the police, call for help or warn others of an actual or potentially threatening situation
  • When at a property:
    • Look for obvious risks to your safety before entry
    • Avoid parking directly in front of the residence.  Face your vehicle towards the street exit to enable a quick getaway
    • Stand back 2 metres after knocking on the door
    • Once inside stand between the customer and the nearest exit point if you can.  Look for other ways out
    • If seriously threatened (verbally or physically) don’t put yourself in harm’s way.  Keep calm.  Leave quickly with your mate
  • Emergency Response:
    Once clear, follow the procedures set by your employer.  This may include:
    • Recording as much detail as you can about the incident
    • Telling your boss.  Have them tell Fletcher EQR or EQC
    • Calling 111 immediately and informing the police

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