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Electrical Danger

Electricity is an unseen hazard and you won’t know it's hit you until it’s too late.  Electrocution can be fatal or result in severe or permanent injury.  It may also cause other incidents such as falls from ladders, scaffolds or work platforms.  Many homes in Christchurch have old wiring.  The strain and movement of the earthquakes may have damaged the wiring and, therefore, add further risk to the working environment.

NOTE – A Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) is required and a Task Analysis (TA) for high risk activities associated with electrical work.

For all electrical work follow the Rules to Live By:

  • Use residual current devices (RCDs)
  • Use a registered electrician as per Fletcher EQR Guidelines
  • Make sure of isolations before starting any work


  • Use qualified and registered electricians accredited by EQR for the following work:
    • All electrical assessments
    • All prescribed electrical work. Refer to the links below.
    • Repairs to substandard electrical wiring created/or made worse by earthquake damage
    • When potential electrical issues are found.
  • Turn off the mains to isolate the property (as long as this does not affect the customer's household items e.g. freezers) or remove fuse (always insert a blank). Testing must be undertaken to confirm the fittings are not live prior to work starting.
  • Use electrical equipment that has been tested and tagged and is fit to use.
  • Test to confirm the fittings are not live.
  • Ensure the area is dry before switching the power on again
    • Isolate power at the mains or the fuse box before:
      • disconnecting or reconnect fittings (registered electrician only)
      • loosening and re-tightening electrical fittings
      • replacing or removing fuse wires (registered electrician only)
      • using water around electrical fittings
    • Emergency Procedures – Dial 111 in an emergency

Further Helpful Information:

Legislation – Electricity Act 1992, Electrical Safety Regulations 2010 -
Section 169 of Electricity Act 1992 - defines prescribed electrical work -
Electrical Safety  on Construction and Demolition Sites (Factsheet) 


Toolbox talk on Electrical Danger
AS/NZS 3760 - for Inspection, Testing and Tagging of Electrical Equipment.
Fletcher EQR Electrical Safety Guideline.