Repair process

Fletcher EQR's role in the repair programme

Fletcher EQR is project manager of the Canterbury Home Repair Progamme as agent for EQC. We liaise with EQC, contractors and homeowners and monitor the progress of repair works. Contractors who work for the programme are engaged to carry out the work for EQC.  Our work as project manager involves a range of processes including:  

  • Screening contractors to ensure quality standards can be met;
  • Negotiating reasonable rates with contractors, based on an assessment of market conditions;
  • Obtaining any expert advice required from engineers, architects, designers and other consultants;
  • Compliance with the building code and consenting requirements, and obtaining code compliance certificates for the work where required by building consents;
  • Quality assurance ;
  • Programming contractors, consultants and procurement to complete repairs in a timely fashion;
  • Paying contractors, suppliers and consultants on behalf of EQC.

Repair process

  • During 2010 and 2011 EQC staff visited each property reported as having sustained earthquake damage. An initial assessment was carried out; a descriptive list of the damage recorded and details added to the claim file.  After processing by EQC, the claim is issued to Fletcher EQR.
  • Claims are allocated to our Central hub and homeowners will be contacted by EQR administrative staff to arrange for a CHRP accredited contractor and EQC representative to visit and confirm the scope of repairs.  If engineering input has been required a technical specialist or engineer can be involved at this meeting.
  • Following this visit the plan for the repair work is drawn up (Scope of Works) and details confirmed with the contractor. A Fletcher EQR Contract Supervisor will be appointed and the homeowner will be contacted to meet again with the supervisor, the contractor in a pre-start meeting to confirm the proposed timing and duration of the work.  The details of the Scope of Works and any related technical reports or information will be provided by courier post or in advance or at this meeting.   
  • If significant works are required, these might include temporary security provisions or even the need to vacate the premises while the work is undertaken. There will be information available to homeowners to assist in this process if required.
  • Work starts on the repair or rebuild. During the repair work any issues and concerns can be raised with the contractor, or EQR staff including the Contract Supervisor.
  • On conclusion, Fletcher EQR Contract Supervisor carries out a final inspection with the contractor and homeowner to confirm the work in the Scope has been completed.   
  • A 12 month Defect Period will begin for work where the Works Order for the repair was issued to the contractor after January 1, 2015.  

Visiting the property and getting the work under way

Before your repair work gets under way at the pre-start meeting the repair team will discuss other practical aspects of the work with you, including:   

  • The timing and duration;
  • Access to the property;
  • Hours of work;
  • Any requirement for temporary security provisions;
  • Any need to vacate the premises while work is under way;
  • Insurances — it is important you notify your insurers that EQC contractors will be starting work on your propery;
  • Any hazards or other issues at your property that you are aware of (for example, asbestos or weather resistance issues that are not earthquake related);
  • Health and safety requirements;
  • Any accessibility features or modifications at the property;
  • The process for building consents, if these are required;
  • Any other information you or the contractor wishes to record at this time;
  • Any questions or concerns you might have on the process;
  • Your ongoing communication with Fletcher EQR.

We may document some or all of this discussion, provide you with a copy, and ask you to sign another copy to confirm your agreement with these matters.

Managing the repairs

The Contracts Supervisor will oversee progress of the works undertaken by the appointed contractor and will be the first point of contact for any issues or queries.