2017 changes

9 Dec 2016

From later this month, EQC will be the main point of contact for all customer enquiries relating to Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) repairs.  Until now, customers have dealt with Fletcher EQR or EQC depending on what stage their repairs have been at.  Fletcher EQR is reshaping now that the work of the repair programme is in its final phase.  

Head of EQR, Walt Friedel, says the changes have been planned with EQC for some months and reflect the tremendous progress made by the thousands of contractors and staff who have worked on the programme over the past six years.   The Earthquake Recovery team was established in  2010 to manage the logistics of the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) as agent for the Earthquake Commission.  

Since then more than 150,000 repairs of various kinds have been completed including urgent repairs, chimney or clean heat repairs and around 68,000 substantive assignments.  This week only 25 primary repairs and around 110 secondary assignments, such as garage or chimney repairs, remain.

By the end of next week any of those repairs still under construction and others pending remedial repair work will have been transferred to a new EQC repair team.  Former EQR and EQC staff will work together in the new team to streamline the repair process for customers.  “The work EQR was set up to do may be nearly complete but there is also a range of other CHRP associated work that requires follow up,” Mr Friedel said.  “We are pleased to be able to stay involved and assist EQC with its new repair team and also with work required as a result of the CHRP subfloor review.”

A specialist Technical Repair team with engineers and other EQR staff will have a focus on organising any repair work required at properties in the review Control Group.  Another small EQR  team will begin work from January planning for the eventual wind-up of the PMO - finalising and archiving the records of what has been the largest repair project of its kind. 

Important customer information  

From Friday 16 December EQC’s 0800 number will become the main telephone number for homeowners with CHRP-related queries or repairs underway.  Customers already in contact with the Technical Repair team can email TechRepair@eqr.co.nz.  All other CHRP customers can call 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) or email info@eqc.govt.nz.  There is further information here on the EQC website.

Most CHRP staff and contractors will finish work for the year on 23 December and resume work from 9 January.