CHRP repair teams

Fletcher EQR is not carrying out the building or repair work itself. We project manage the work on your behalf using independent contractors and their staff who have completed our accreditation process.

There are around 450 mainly local contracting companies active in the programme and they employ a range of tradespeople depending on what damage needs to be repaired at each house. Checks are made on their trade qualifications and experience, and they work to recognised building industry and trade standards.

We have received thousands of compliments praising the work these teams have carried out. You can nominate a contractor however they will need to be accredited for ongoing work with the programme and be available to do the work when it is planned. 

Health and Safety

In New Zealand more injuries happen on residential building sites than any other category of construction workplace.   The health and safety of everyone living in your home, and our contractors working on site, is of primary importance.   It is a big feature of the induction course we run for contractors.  You can watch the video below to learn more about this training.