Benefits of a Managed Repair

Fletcher EQR is responsible for managing the completion of the earthquake repair works in a proper and professional manner, on behalf of the Earthquake Commission.

One of the main benefits of the EQC Canterbury Home Repair Programme is that there is no charge to you if the actual cost of the repair work exceeds the estimate – so you are protected from cost escalation and financial risk.

An expert project manager

  • With a managed repair we provide all aspects of the repair process, including the physical repair work, quality monitoring and control, legal and building code compliance.
  • The accredited contractor will organise and liaise with all the various tradespeople required. (For example where your repair needs painters, paperhangers, tilers, carpenters, electricians etc.)  This represents a considerable saving in time to the homeowner.
  • Contractors working under the programme have been through an accreditation programme that validates their qualifications, skills and experience.
    This is based on the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme put in place by the Government in 2012. Master Builders and Certified Builders qualify automatically.

Protection from financial risk

  • There is no charge to you if the actual cost of the work exceeds the estimate.   An example of this might be asbestos.  Where necessary we test for this in areas of earthquake damage to be repaired.  It can sometimes be found during a repair.  Testing and removal requires specialist contractors and can be expensive.
  • If labour or material costs rise during a repair this is not something homeowners need to worry about.
  • Many homes have structural damage and where there is serious damage to your home we refer the repair to our technical team to investigate an appropriate solution. This means you would receive a range of expert input at no cost.  The engineering work is carried out by qualified engineers under senior professional supervision, including Chartered Professional Engineers on both New Zealand and international registers. 
    Other design work that requires particular skill sets (fire safety, external moisture, geotechnical engineers and specialist surveying) is carried out by specialists in those fields, including Chartered professional Geotechnical Engineers, Architects and registered surveyors.   Read more here about our technical team.

 Quality and Peace of Mind

  • Every repair we manage has a Contract Supervisor who monitors the progress of the work and inspects it on completion - to be sure all the repairs in the Scope of Works have been completed to the required standard.
  • There is a range of Fletcher EQR staff in hubs who can help you with issues and logistics including advice on temporary accommodation for homeowners who need to relocate during repair work. 
  • Our contractor accreditation process means you don’t have to find an appropriately qualified contractor to do the job. Over the life of the programme we have built a profile of the contractors we engage with so we can allocate work with the best fit possible. 
  • There is a structured process of contractor performance evaluation that produces ratings on a range of criteria. A disciplinary regime deals with under-performance, and can lead to contractors having their accreditation withdrawn.
  • Once the repair work is completed there is a three month Defect Liability Period and contractors have agreed that they will return to fix any confirmed defects in workmanship advised during that period.  Surveys have shown that the majority of homeowners are satisfied with their repair.

Viv Mills with her CHRP repair team

An historic Christchurch property that was “brought to its knees” by the earthquakes has been restored – much to the relief of its anxious owners. Viv Mills and her husband Wayne are ecstatic about the quality of their repair.  “Everyone’s just been brilliant.  Their skills have been unbelievable. I’m sure there was many a nightmare behind the scenes which we were never aware of,” Viv says.  “I’m still walking around and can’t believe how beautiful it looks.”


Landlord Chris Moore (center) with contractor Gibson Decorators & Sons

Thousands of Christchurch homeowners have chosen to have managed repairs as part of the Canterbury Home Repair Programme not only to their own home but to rental properties they own as well.

Chris Moore is one of these and says the repairs to his Shirley property gone not have been easier. “The process worked tremendously well.  The communication was great; there were no problems despite what you hear.  It just went really, really well.”

Chris thought it was easier to let Fletcher EQR manage the repairs and would not have chosen to opt out in this situation. The house had the whole interior redecorated to some degree with painting, plastering and a small amount of carpet replaced.  Brickwork was redone to nearly a third of the exterior and alongside the repair the earthquake damage to paths and patios were fixed.  He says his tenants had to move out for a month to allow the work to be done but the accredited contractor Gibson Decorators & Sons Limited finish on schedule.  “It was seamless, the finish was high quality.  They made decision-making easy and were friendly and polite.”

Homeowner Katie Smith with her Fletcher EQR Contract Supervisor Peter Smith (r) and builder Simon Bassett Smith (l)
For many of the elderly in Christchurch the earthquakes in September and February were
particularly harrowing.  For 86 year old Katie Smith the damage to her home was a daily reminder of the devastating impact of the ground shaking.
But there was no trauma for her during her managed repair.  She calls her Fletcher EQR
Contract Supervisor Peter Smith, and contractor SBS the Smith Team. “I’m overwhelmed by the work they did. They were so friendly and absolutely wonderful. I didn’t really have to worry about a thing. “   Mrs Smith had to move out during the repair work for nearly a month and says she returned to find her house almost back to the way it was.  “When I came back they were still working on the place and I would give them cups of tea during the day and feed them – they appreciated that!”    Before work began tests had discovered there was asbestos in ceilings in her home.  “It was such a shock I had no idea it was there but now it’s been all removed.”
“I didn’t really have to worry about a thing. I’ve never known a crowd so nice, they were all so good. They all just went out of their way, every one of them, and I’ve got a lovely new repaired house as a result.”

The house looks fabulous; they have done a great job. I am very pleased. Thank you very much for all your assistance with this.

Rangiora homeowner

I have been extremely lucky with my EQC repairs and contact with everyone involved. Although there were a few setbacks with starting dates & delays, I appreciate the fact that this was entirely out of Fletchers & trade staff’s control.

With so many negative stories from people with their EQC repairs - my contact with Fletchers [Haymish], Renovation Specialist [Grant] and various trade staff has been exceptional, professional and courteous.    I am so grateful and delighted to have you all involved with my repairs.

Avonhead homeowner

I have to admit that we had been told so many unpleasant stories before heading into our EQC repairs that as a family we were quite anxious about going through the repairs. Our experience has made the process both really exciting and very relaxing.

It was great to be able to have had such a high standard of work. Even more pleasurable was the extremely polite and respectful way the contractors, Ben Hamlin and his team went about their business. 

Strowan Homeowner

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the job done by Tim Wills, Alistair and Anthony Cooper and the bricklayer at my home in Halswell. With the asbestos removal team not starting the job on the agreed date, I was prepared for the work to be well behind schedule and it would have been, were it not for Anthony’s staff working flat out and changing their plans so that the job was completed on time.

The standard of workmanship was excellent, and I found the team unfailingly accommodating and easy to deal with.

Halswell Homeowner
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