Repairing Canterbury

The Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) has been the largest residential construction project of its kind and has involved the work of thousands of dedicated EQC contractors, Fletcher EQR and EQC staff. Since 2010 repair teams have worked through more than 13,000 aftershocks and completed more than 150,000 repairs including 68,000 full repair assignments; around 19,000 clean heat installations or chimney repairs and over 65,000 emergency works.    

In 2017 EQC is the main point of contact for all customer enquiries relating to Canterbury Home Repair Programme work.  Former EQR and EQC staff are working together in a new EQC repair team which will organise repairs required.   A specialist Technical Repair team has also been set up to complete a range of subfloor works on behalf of the Earthquake Commission.